Taking Off

How Myagi are helping UNTUCKit focus on training through their incredible growth

When you look at high streets across the cities of America you will often be greeted with the same household names. Many of these are stalwart companies that have been alive for generations, places your parents and even grandparents would have shopped.

But in modern retail, what is becoming increasingly familiar is the presence of a once e-commerce only store, opening a brick and mortar location to give their customers a true brand experience. Few, if any, do this as successfully as UNTUCKit.

Founded in 2011, UNTUCKit was the brainchild of Chris Riccobono, who after discovering it was difficult to find a shirt he liked when untucked, decided - why not make that innovation himself! After 4 incredibly successful years operating through e-commerce and the occasional pop-up shop, UNTUCKit opened their first brick and mortar store in 2015. Since, that total has risen to 26, with 20 more stores expected to open in 2018!

Since fall of 2017, ‘UNTUCKit University’ has been set up in the Myagi platform, delivering to staff the product knowledge, visual merchandising and sales tips and tricks they need in order to create consistent and engaging experiences with customers at their brick and mortar sites.

"When we first got into brick and mortar we didn’t really have anything in place around training. There was no official company education, so I started doing these retail things that I knew from my previous experience. We never had a handbook, and I’m like, "Come on guys. We’re hiring people. They need to know the do's and don'ts!" So me and another peer of mine made this little training manual 'cause I had to start opening stores and training people on the POS system, etc.. The manual did start to evolve but it was too wordy, though at the same time it was all we had."
- Sabrielle Lezeau, UNTUCKit Visual Merchandising Manager.

Through continued success and exceptional growth at UNTUCKit, Sabrielle admitted that training was not the biggest priority; "as important as training is, there was just a million other things going on and it started to fall to the wayside a little bit." It was at that time that Brent Paulsen, MD and Head of Retail at UNTUCKit met Simon Turner, Myagi CEO at a Retailnext Executive Forum in 2017. Simon explained the Myagi platform and demonstrated some of the key features of the platform that would really assist UNTUCKit as they grew more rapidly in the brick and mortar space.

With company growth the primary focus, Myagi offered UNTUCKit a solution that gave training the attention it needed, without becoming a distraction from the huge challenges of managing such a rapidly growing company.

As UNTUCKit became such a recognizable brand, Sabrielle felt it was important UNTUCKit needed to control the feel and aesthetics of any online training solution. Having the tools to customize imagery, branding, logos and colour scheme was a huge part of making UNTUCKit University, feel like an UNTUCKit platform, and not some third party tool. "That was really important, my boss was really adamant that this had to feel like our brand’’ said Sabrielle. Pressed on other reasons Myagi stood out to UNTUCKit, Sabrielle added;

"Moving away from paper was great. As a new company we try to avoid printing and unnecessary waste, so moving away from just that manual was a first but important step. Online training just makes things way more accessible for every sales associate. We also needed something that was quick and easy. I’m the more tech-savvy person here, but this platform isn’t for me, it needed to be something where anyone can just click and go - Myagi is so simple for staff to use."
"Something that gave us visibility on analytics and being able to track performance was also great because we could send out a million pieces of training, and you’re hoping the manager sends it to everyone or make everyone look at it but you wouldn’t really know. I think that was another main thing for us, through Myagi we can see who has done training, what they like or dislike about it and get really valuable feedback to make the best content we can. We get so many metrics for sales, but previously had not been getting anything about training. You know, you’re just kind of hoping. I think that’s definitely something Brent loves - we can track if someone’s doing the training and doing well, and that should reflect in sales."

Sharing the responsibility for training, UNTUCKit use Myagi’s Area’s feature, whereby the market managers (separated by region), receive direct email reporting and feedback for the teams that they have responsibility for. "They can get that information directly from the platform and then they have all the details they need to talk to those teams and keep them engaged with training." This gives UNTUCKit managers visibility across their regions and will help them to hone their strategy for the managing and delivering of training as they expand into 20 more stores in the next 12 months.

Having only used the platform for only 6 months, UNTUCKit are already taking the learnings from their staff’s feedback to create an adaptive and engaging learning experience for their employees.

The UNTUCKit Feel

"We started off with just documents, as that’s all we had. We broke these down into smaller bitesize lessons as we knew that would make it easier to digest. As soon as we started with video it was clear that our staff prefers that." Once Sabrielle had created a more dynamic and engaging video experience for staff, she started to iterate on the lessons to create a unique and authentic UNTUCKit feel;

"I remember from my previous retail days, you’d get excited learning from or hearing from people you don’t normally get to meet. So we started to get some of the designers and other team members involved. Ross for example, our technical designer, made a video and it was literally just ‘how to steam a sports coat,’ and the associates were like 'Oh my god. He is so cool!' That was a big learning for us. Everyone wants to see and meet these people and just—it could be anything. They could literally be saying anything and associates retain the information more because they are just happy to see someone different from the business. It gets everyone involved and gives the content a really authentic feel."

UNTUCKit have adapted their content strategy even further with sales associates being given the opportunity to deliver, act, film and edit the content the rest of the company sees. Their open and innovative approach to training is helping to set the precedent for future content as their team continues to grow through 2018.

"Our staff are our brand ambassadors. Who are we without strong staff, happy staff, and knowledgeable staff? They are the first people that a customer sees and gets to hear from, so if they’re not strong and developed, then we’re failing."

We're Ready.

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