1 Minute Masterpieces

How Amer Sports are increasing knowledge retention for sales associates in less than 60 seconds

Amer Sports is a sporting goods company with internationally recognized brands including Salomon, Wilson, Atomic, Arc’teryx, Mavic, Suunto and Precor. The company’s technically advanced sports equipment, footwear, apparel and accessories improve performance and increase the enjoyment of sports and outdoor activities.

Amer has been utilising Myagi’s platform with the Salomon brand in the United States to drive dealer and sales associate education to help drive sales in Salomon products.

The Challenge

After trialing various means of online training, Amer US realised that many of the online training platforms on the market were not actually catering to their requirements of delivering quality & consistent training content to front line associates.

"We always recognized the need for online training. The issue was that many of the platforms we were using didn’t actually have education as a primary focus. They all basically became shopping platforms" said Tyler Curley, In Store Experience Specialist at Amer USA. After experimenting with influencer marketing solutions, Tyler added: "it became really difficult to make sure that the people that were getting our product at the discounted rate were even people that were influencing the market," which is why in winter 2017, Amer started looking for a solution that offered a greater focus on engaging directly with the front line associate.

The Answer

For Amer there was only one solution that fit all of their requirements. "We were looking for something that had some good filters for who saw what content, something that was really dedicated towards educating the sales associate and keeping them up-to-date on our product whilst providing insight and analytics on what accounts and users were actually engaging with the training. Myagi for us was the best solution. Jenny Taylor, North American Salomon Brand Director, saw the power this had to really connect with Shop Pros and signed off right away" said Tyler.

A key selling point for Amer was the mobile nature of Myagi’s platform. "Absolutely everything needs to be mobile" continued Tyler, "mobile-focused, in the pocket—that is how the technology is trending and moving and that is what Myagi has delivered." Jeffery Adams, Director of Consumer Experience at Amer Sports, had the foresight to realize Myagi was worth investigating further when he saw its mobile focus and made sure to put Simon and Tyler in touch.

1 Minute Masterpieces

With the opportunity now in place for Amer to distribute their Salomon training content directly to the pockets of sales associates, Tyler set about creating a content strategy that maximised engagement and learning for sales associates. Jon Feeney, Senior In-Store Experience, empowers Tyler and the team to dedicate the time to make sure that quick and direct content gets created;

"My personal goal is that nothing can be 60 seconds. Videos have to stay at a maximum 59 seconds when they click into it. I don’t want somebody being put off by the content and muting the video’s and just coming back to guess the answers." [Myagi allows brands to add questions to their training materials in order to test sales associates knowledge]

Taking into consideration the way millenials like to learn and the ever increasing social changes when it comes to content and information retention, Tyler added "If I‘m flipping through Instagram, you might have me for like five seconds. If I’m not hooked then, I’m out. To spend a whole minute on my phone watching one video, that seems like too much already⁠—why should we ask anymore from sales staff who are already crazy busy?"

By understanding how sales associates are engaging with training during their working hours, Amer continually ensures content is enhancing sales associates daily routines and not being seen as something that is a chore or forced upon them:

"Associates are using this on the retail floor when they have a break and sometimes they're not even putting volume on⁠—so we still have to get the information to them even if they cant hear it, great, I can have bullet points that go next to the video in case they’re watching it on low volume. It’s going to be a minute so that if it really is slow in the store, they can get away with one minute and then still keep working and not disrupt their day."

How Amer are setting up for future success

Utilizing the key features of Myagi including quick content upload, targeted content distribution and the ability to house multiple brands’ content under one roof, Amer is in the process of expanding their content’s reach within the platform. By integrating their offline training (representatives on the road) with the online elements that Myagi offers, their training reps can easily invite their key accounts and independents into the platform. This gives their resellers a continuous source of product and sales fundamentals in order to create amazing customer experiences in their dealers.

I think the real goal would be having Myagi as a bonus add-on for their accounts and for their own job. You go into the account and they’re like, "Ah, we really wish you were here every six weeks training us or every three weeks." The problem is these guys are six hours away from where our reps live and you're out in the hard to reach places. We can only make a trip down there four times a year. So I can say to them "Hey, use Myagi and now you have content coming to you every two weeks! If you sign your staff staff up for this, we can have open communication. You can leave comments. You can talk directly to our brand and somebody's always there to address your questions."
Tyler on the future uses of Myagi for Amer sales reps


"Both the staff and internal employees are happy with what's going on’’ adds Tyler, "we can build OKR’s and KPIs off of engagement user rates, off of content quality scores. We can really motivate our staff to continue to make good quality content and keep people engaged by the numbers that we can get through the analytics. And we can also see it’s worth our investment⁠—in terms of monetary ROI we're not going to see in the first three months which we understand. It’s going to take a little bit of time."

Tyler Curley, In Store Experience Specialist - Amer USA

Amer Sports Myagi Performance

Amer Content Quality Score: 9.2/10

Amer Content Quality Rank: 2nd

Content Engagement Rank: 1st

The Masterpieces

Check out an example of the amazing content Amer are producing using just a handheld Sony Camera:

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